IP/HSPA (3G) communicator

Package dimensions:
220 x 160 x 54 mm
Package weight:
420 g

Product identification: VBIP-3G

IP/HSPA (3G) communicator with programmable I/O and encryption.

Product highlights

  • Immediate two-way transmission (Contact ID)
  • Automatic configuration of network settings (DHCP)
  • Encrypted communication (AES-128)
  • Remote programming (through IP network)

Accessories included

  • 5dB antenna with 1.8m cable (ANT-G5)
  • 4pcs of self-adhesive spacers


Technical data
Supply voltage10.5V - 28V DC
Standby current80 mA
Maximal current600 mA
Operating temperature-10 °C - +50 °C
Communication parameters
Modem typeQuectel UG96
Ethernet interface10Base-T
Frequency band800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz @UMTS
Interface options
ProgrammingUSB/IP (EniTerm)
Serial portRS-232 @ 5V (use with VUP adapter)
USBUSB 2.0 (FT230X interface)
Debugthrough VUP adapter on USB
Extra parameters
Event bufferup to 64 events
Miscellaneous data
Size (W/L/H)60 x 105 x 18 mm
Weight70 g
Casingnone (PCB)
Package size220 x 160 x 54 mm
Package weight420 g

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NoteNameDescriptionDateVersionDownload PDF

VBIP-G/3G manualInstaller manual (English)2019-02-232018-08-14

VBIP-G/3G Security 1 manualSecurity 1 installer manual (English)2019-01-052016-05-18

vbipg3_k521e.botVBIP-G/3G latest firmware2020-07-06K521e

FTDI USB driverWindows driver for FT232 and FT230X2018-12-202.12.18

FTDI COMx IgnoreUtility to stop COM ports incremental numbering2018-12-20-

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