Communicator Sets

Communicator Sets

We offer complete units that can be mounted and installed in no time for a quick and efficient setup of an alarm system. The configuration varies upon request, we have the most common sets in stock. VB communicator sets are built into the standard, wall-mountable and lockable VB Fire Box:

  • VB Fire Box + ASW-40 (with 12V 4A switching power supply)

Into this box goes the communicator as requested. Available communicators are the VBIP Pro (2G or 3G variants), or the Tell Dualcomm SIA communicator, which is also sold as a single product. The VBIP Pro version contains a VB-IO84 I/O expander module as well. The GSM antennas are included of course (for VBIP Pro we include our VB-ANT-G5 type).

PhotoTypeCommunicatorMain features
VBIP Pro Set 2G + ASW-40VBIP Pro
1x GPRS (2G)
1x Ethernet (10Base-T)
  • Ethernet és GPRS átjelzés
  • LED visszajelzés
  • ASW-40 kapcsolóüzemű tápegységgel
  • Falra szerelhető, piros fém dobozba szerelve
VB Fire SetTELL Dualcomm SIA
2x GPRS (2G)
  • Two independent GPRS channels
  • LED signals
  • With ASW-40 switching power supply
  • Assembled in a wall-mountable red metal box


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