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The VBG communicators enable any kind of control panels with telco interface, to report to IP based monitoring centrals via the mobile internet network.
  • Report through 3G & 2G
  • Quectel UG96 HSPA modem

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Blue Line BLP1-Ppet-safe passive infrared detector
  • NC and DA (digital) output
  • low-power

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Crow Geniusdual PIR detector
By using Twin Dual Optic Systems with a diagonally opposed configuration (phase shift discrimination) the Genius is able to achieve a 3D thermal image of the protected area. It stores the image and refers to it determine intrusion.
  • ASIC technology
  • dual pyro sensors
  • RF/EMI protection

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Anvox SL-105
Anvox SL-105siren
Piezo siren for indoor use with orange flashlight.

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