Monitoring Software

Monitoring software

AlarmSys v1.40 The AlarmSyS software package is ideal companion for Enigma II / IP2 monitoring receivers. By means of the software the reliabity of a hardware receiver is combined with a flexible and user-friendly sofware interface. The software package consists of three individual programs: AlarmSyS itself is the monitoring part of the package, AlarmSetup is responsible for all kind of settings, and AlarmList can be used for listing and filtering functions. Some features of the software package:
  • up to 4 hardware receivers simultaneously on the same PC (through serial port or USB)
  • adaptable base and individual code tables
  • receiving of SIA-DCS, SIA-DC09, ContactID, 4/2 and Enigma II protocols
  • status monitoring (open/close, AC power failure, etc.)
  • map and activity list handling
  • automatic data backup on a minute basis
  • software upgrade without database modification
The AlarmSyS software package is available in 4 versions:
VersionMax. accountsMain features
Alarm SYS v1.40 Demo10
  • can be used without a Digital Receiver
  • up to 10 account numbers
  • download for free
Alarm SYS v1.40 Lite100
  • up to 100 account numbers
  • TMT certificate (TMT52/1/2010)
  • receiving IP communication
Alarm SYS v1.40 Base500
  • up to 500 account numbers
  • TMT certificate (TMT52/1/2010)
  • receiving IP communication
Alarm SYS v1.40 Fullkorlátlan
  • unlimited number of accounts (max. 5000 recommended)
  • TMT certificate (TMT52/1/2010)
  • receiving IP communication

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