General Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

1.1. General provisions
As a result of our company’s manufacturing/wholesale activities, it exclusively serves businesses that sell, implement and/or operate asset protection and low-current systems. Acquaintance with and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions constitutes the basis and essential part of all kinds of business and other interactions with our company. VILLBAU Kft. reserves the right to supplement and change the General Terms and Conditions, within the applicable legal framework. In case of any changes Customers will be notified immediately by VILLBAU.
1.2. Contracting parties
VILLBAU: as VILLBAU Biztonságtechnika Kft. address: 1182 Budapest, Üllői út 611. HUNGARY EU tax number: HU13194693 Customer: a company with a business relationship with our company or a user registered on the website.
1.3. Contract (sales, service or other assignment contract)
The basis and inseparable part of the contract are clearly and unambiguously laid down in writing. The terms and conditions in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract apply to already concluded contracts.

2. Use of the website

2.1. General provisions
Our website does not operate as an online store, it is not possible to place a specific order. A preliminary quotation can be requested by e-mail and via the website.
2.2. Operator
VILLBAU, as stated in point 1.
2.3. Conditions of use
Acknowledging and accepting the Data Management Policy ( is an essential condition for using the website. All information on the website must be treated confidentially and cannot be passed on to third parties. Some parts of the website (e.g. basic product information, descriptions) are publicly available, other parts (firmware and other downloads) can only be accessed after registration.
2.4. Registration conditions, procedure, required data
Web registration is a contract in itself, which is created with specific conditions, acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, and familiarization with the Data Management Regulations. An essential condition for registration is company-like activity in the field of specialization. At the same time as registration, the Customer accepts that VILLBAU can send her a newsletter on a monthly basis. The following information is required for registration: company e-mail address, name, company name Telephone number, billing address, delivery address, tax number can optionally be entered for subsequent offer requests. In each case, we evaluate the registration individually and expect to confirm it within one working day. Several users can belong to a company name, but we authenticate the other users using the e-mail address associated with the first registration.
2.5. Registered partners from former
they will be notified by e-mail about the launch of the new website and the possibility to keep the previous registration. After logging in, after revising, supplementing or clarifying their data, they can continue to use the website in full as Customers. If they do not take advantage of the option to keep the registration, they will be deleted from our system after 30 days from the notification.
2.6. Termination of registration
The customer can cancel the registration at any time without reason, this can be requested by e-mail. We will finalize the cancellation of the registration within 30 days and confirm it in writing. VILLBAU reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the Customer’s user rights and status in the event of behavior or activity that violates the contract, or a conflict of interest that precludes cooperation. After the suspension/deletion of the registration, the further management of the Customer’s data is provided for in the Data Management Regulations (

3. Products and prices on the website

3.1. The right to change
VILLBAU reserves the right to make any changes to product information at all times.
3.2. Product lists
They contain the currently manufactured and marketed products. We provide information on the quantity that can be delivered upon specific inquiry.
3.3. Prices indicated on the products
They are only available to registered Customers. List prices are informative. They can be modified in the case of a specific order (e.g. reseller status, quantity discount, etc.)
3.4. Prices, pricelists, discounts
Prices are only issued to registered Customers. We send the price lists or the specific price offer by e-mail in PDF format. We can provide our customers with volume discounts, which can be found in the current price lists. Quantities of different products cannot be combined.
3.5. Promotions, periodic or introductory/exit discounts
The discounted price is valid until withdrawn or until stocks last.

4. Order informations

4.1. Entitled to place an order
All registered Customers.
4.2. Responsibility of the Customer
Some countries may have different regulations regarding the import of the products we manufacture and distribute. Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain all permits, necessary documentation and approvals, and to clear customs. In the event that the products get stuck at customs due to lack of approvals or unpaid customs fees, we will not take back the goods and cannot refund the transfers.
4.3. Necessary datas for ordering
For billing: Name of the customer (company). Exact billing address Tax number For delivery: Exact shipping address Name of the contact person Contact details (phone number, e-mail address) Item-specific order list
4.4. Placing an order
It can only be done in writing to (e-mail).
4.5. Request for price quotation
Rendszerint megelőzi a konkrét megrendelést. Célja a rendelés körülményeinek pontosítása, a rendelkezésre állás biztosítása, az esetleges árkedvezmény érvényesítése. Árajánlat kérésére e-mail útján vagy a weboldalon van lehetőség. A VILLBAU Kft. által Ügyfélnek kiadott árajánlat érvényessége: 30 munkanap. We have distribution partners in some countries. Requests for quotations received from these countries will be redirected to them!
4.6. Order confirmation
If the conditions of the order are met and the necessary data are available accurately and completely, our employee will confirm the order by e-mail without delay – but within one working day at the latest. The confirmation is considered as acceptance of the order, the parties undertake the obligations of fulfillment in the manner laid down in writing and within the deadline. The customer can withdraw from the already confirmed order in accordance with 7.2. according to the provisions of point
4.7. Payment / invoicing:
At our company, customers can only pay by bank transfer! Based on the order, we issue a proforma invoice in EURO currency to EU member states, and in USD to non-EU countries. After that, as soon as the total sum indicated on the request for payment has been transferred and arrived in order in our bank account, the order will be fulfilled in the manner and at the time indicated. The prices of your products are tied to the EURO exchange rate. The prices shown on the offer/charge requester or invoice issued in USD are based on the EURO price list, therefore it is affected by the daily EUR/USD exchange rate change! In the case of a bank transfer, all transaction fees are paid by the customer (customer), so please choose the OUR cost bearing option. (OUR – the costs incurred by both the paying party and the beneficiary’s payment service provider during the execution of the payment order are borne by the paying party). The intermediate bank cost (if such a deduction occurs) is shown as a separate item on the invoice (so that it does not affect the total amount of the order).
4.8. Original copy of invoice
In the case of orders and deliveries within the EU, it can be found in the package containing the ordered items or in the email concluding the order. In the case of an order and delivery outside the EU, it will first be sent to the local customs authority and then handed over to the Customer together with the goods. It will also be found in the e-mail concluding the order.
4.9. Product ownership
The ordered product remains the property of VILLBAU until the purchase price is settled in the manner and within the deadline indicated. After that, the product becomes the property of the Customer.

5. Shipping informations

5.1. Personal collection
In the case of an export transaction, it is not possible to receive it in person!
5.2. Shipping abroad
Our contracted partner for international parcel delivery is TNT EXPRESS /FEDEX. After receiving the goods, the General Terms and Conditions of the freight forwarder will come into effect, and the delivery will be carried out accordingly. The delivery time is unique for each order and is determined by the carrier. Package pick-up only takes place on working days, during working hours. The tracking number of the packages sent by us is provided to the Customer upon confirmation of the order, thus it is possible to track the shipment. Shipping/customs handling/goods insurance costs are indicated in the price offer. Freight parity: EXW Budapest. The Customer has the option to organize the delivery himself.
5.3. Receipt of goods
Please always check that the package is intact! If the shipment has arrived in good order and undamaged, the Customer confirms receipt by signing the acknowledgment of receipt – in a corporate manner. If the package is damaged, take it and have a photographic report made. Acknowledging the fact of the damage, sign (in a company-like manner) with the employee of the company carrying out the delivery. After that, notify us immediately so that we can take the necessary measures.
5.4. Lost package
If the package is lost, please contact us. We notify the carrier, where they begin investigating the complaint. We will inform you about the matter.
5.5. Wrong delivery
If the shipment does not contain the items listed on the invoice, complaints can be made within one working day after receipt.

7. Right of withdrawal

7.1. General provisions
In all cases, the fact of withdrawal must be communicated to the other party in writing, in an authentic and verifiable manner.
7.2. Customer’s right to withdraw an order
In case of cancellation of a confirmed order, the Customer can exercise his right of cancellation before the package is sent or the goods are received in person.
7.3. VILLBAU’s right to withdraw an order
If more than 30 working days have passed from the issuance of the preliminary quotation to the specific order, our Company is not obliged to provide the requested products at the price specified in the quotation, which has expired in the meantime. In case of late payment, VILLBAU Kft. reserves the right to refuse to accept and fulfill further orders until the debt is settled. If insolvency (bankruptcy or liquidation) proceedings or enforcement proceedings have been initiated against the Customer, VILLBAU reserves the right to refuse to fulfill the order.
7.4. Customer’s right of withdrawal from purchase
In the case of an ordered and delivered/received product, if no warranty claim arises, the Customer cannot legally exercise the right of withdrawal. In the event of incorrect fulfillment of an order, the Customer must immediately indicate his intention to cancel or request that the order be adjusted and fulfilled correctly. In this case, VILLBAU Kft. will bear the costs incurred. VILLBAU Kft. is only obliged to take back the product that the Customer has purchased from it – proven by an invoice – and returned to our store in its original, undamaged condition.

8. Warranty, service and guarantee

8.1. Warranty
VILLBAU Kft. undertakes a warranty for the products it manufactures or distributes in accordance with the applicable legislation. The warranty period starts at the time of receipt of the product, regardless of use. The customer submits the warranty claim in writing (via e-mail). In the event of a defect or non-conformity of the product in question under the warranty, the Customer can request a repair or replacement in the first round, a price discount in the second round, and thereafter – if it is still within the warranty period – he can cancel the purchase. If possible, VILLBAU fulfills the validly submitted warranty claim within 3 working days. If this is not possible, the Customer will be notified immediately and a proposal will be made for a solution that ensures mutual satisfaction.
8.2. For products manufactured by VILLBAU
VILLBAU Kft. undertakes a 3-year on-site guarantee (warranty) for the products it manufactures. The costs of delivery to VILLBAU’s premises are borne by the Customer.
8.3. Service, repair
PLEASE CONTACT TECHNICAL SUPPORT AT BEFORE RETURNING THE PRODUCT! Devices sent for repair will only be accepted with an RMA Document. It is the Customer’s task and responsibility to fill this out accurately. Delivery and removal of the product to the service center (and its cost) is the responsibility of the Customer. In the case of returns from the service to the customer, it is possible to order delivery for a separate fee. Device repair begins with inspection. The inspection is carried out on the basis of the RMA completed by the Customer. After the fault has been discovered, at the Customer’s special request, we prepare a price calculation (in the case of devices that are no longer under warranty). We carry out the repair based on the price calculation approved by the Customer. The agreed repair deadline is 30 days, but we strive to complete the work as soon as possible. If additional, unforeseen costs arise during the repair, this will be reported to the Customer in any case. If during the tests we do not experience any abnormal operation in the delivered device, or the Customer does not claim our service based on the price calculation provided by us, then the applicable u. You must pay an “inspection fee”. This applies to both warranty and out-of-warranty devices! We notify the Customer of the completion of the repair by email or phone. After 3 months from the date of the notification, VILLBAU is entitled to sell the product and settle with the Customer after the sale. We are only able to release the product to the Customer upon presentation of the Service receipt sheet. In the absence of a receipt, the product will only be issued on the basis of the original invoice or receipt in the name of the Customer. A worksheet is prepared for the performance of the service, and a fee request is prepared based on the worksheet. The Customer is obliged to settle the issued fee request by bank transfer, for which an invoice will be prepared after payment. VILLBAU is entitled to withhold the product until payment is made. The service does not bear any responsibility for possible data loss during the repair! We can ONLY undertake the inspection of the devices of the brands we represent (Secolink, GSN) or the replacement within the warranty period. The above-described Service Undertaking Information is accepted by both parties without changes and thus the service provider legal relationship is established. The service provider has developed this policy based on Government Decree 249/2004 (VIII. 27) for individual repair and maintenance services.
8.4. Non-warranty repair
In any case, the repair of a product sent to us for repair after the expiration of the warranty period is subject to a charge. The repair is subject to payment even if the failure can be proven to have been caused by overvoltage (e.g. lightning), natural disaster (fire, earthquake, flood), improper use, or improper handling. If, during the examination of the product in question, the defect indicated by the Customer does not exist, the Customer is obliged to pay an inspection fee.
8.5. Issuing an expert’s report
Upon special request, we issue an expert opinion on the product sent to us for repair. This may be for use in insurance administration or documentation. We can issue an expert opinion if there is a repair and/or inspection fee. If the repair was successful, the expert opinion includes the detected error, the method of repair and proof of error-free operation, and possible comments. If repairing the product is not possible or not economical, i.e. error-free operation cannot be restored with high reliability, the expert opinion fully proves this fact.
8.6. Product support
In the case of out-of-stock products that are no longer distributed, we provide an exchange up to the extent of the existing stock (also in the case of an external supplier). The repair of expired, no longer marketed products is ensured within the product support period defined by law. If the replacement or repair of the expired or withdrawn product is not possible within the warranty period, our company will endeavor to provide a suitable replacement type or solution. Repairs after the end of the product support period for the given product – for objective reasons such as technical obsolescence or lack of spare parts – we do not undertake. The list of supported products can be viewed on our website. If possible, we inform our customers in advance about products that will expire or be discontinued within a foreseeable time.

9. Determination and limitation of liability

9.1. Responsibility within own jurisdiction
  If the Customer suffers material damage as a result of a defect in the purchased product, VILLBAU Kft.’s liability extends to the amount of the value of the product – shown on the invoice.
9.2. Liability outside of jurisdiction
  VILLBAU is not responsible for damage or inconvenience caused by a possible “force majeure” event or other circumstances beyond the control of VILLBAU.  
9.3. Third-party resold products and software
  VILLBAU is not directly responsible for their failure or improper operation.  
9.4. Liability for improper use
  In terms of warranty and guarantee, if it is proved that the product was not used as intended or was deliberately destroyed, the responsibility rests entirely with the Customer, in which case the guarantee cannot be enforced.  
9.5. Transfer of confidential information
  If the Customer forwards any confidential information to a third party without VILLBAU’s permission, or uses it in an unauthorized manner, the Customer is fully responsible for the resulting consequences and possible damages.  

10. Other legal regulations

10.1. The following legislation should apply to questions not detailed in this document.
  Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code On certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society, CVIII of 2001. law CLV of 1997 on consumer protection. law 45/2014 on the detailed rules of contracts between the consumer and the business (II.26.) government decree 151/2003 on the mandatory warranty for certain consumer durables (IX.22.) government decree 19/2014 on the procedural rules for the handling of warranty and guarantee claims for things sold pursuant to the contract between the consumer and the business(IV.29.) NGM decree    

11. VILLBAU contact details

  Company name VILLBAU Biztonságtechnika Kft. Address 1182. Budapest Üllői út 611 Phone number +36 1 297 5125 +36 30 210 4580 e-mail web  
Budapest, 12.12.2023

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