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Product identification: VBIP

The VBIP wired IP communicators enable any kind of control panels with telco interface, to report to IP based monitoring centrals via LAN or Internet connection.

Product highlights

  • Immediate two-way transmission (Contact ID)
  • Automatic configuration of network settings (DHCP)
  • Report to two independent servers (parallel / backup)
  • Remote programming (through IP network)
  • Event receiving through telephone line
  • Event receiving through serial port
  • Configurable test sending parameters
  • Encrypted communication (AES-128)
  • Two inputs with configurable event codes
  • Output control through Ethernet
  • Operation as Contact - IP, Serial - IP converter
  • CE declaration, ISO 9001:2009 certificate
  • Made in EU, excellent product support


VBIP communicator is a perfect solution for monitoring transmission where wired Internet is available. By means of the device immediate alarm transmission is guaranteed without any additional operation cost. VBIP can be connected to the telephone line connector of the alarm control panel (or to the serial port of some specified alarm control panel). Additionally it can send the status of two inputs. After the automatic network setting configuration (DHCP) and monitoring station data entering the events are ready to be sent to two different monitoring stations.
Technical data
Supply voltage10.5V - 15.0V DC
Maximal current160 mA
Operating temperature0 °C - +50 °C
Number of I/Os2 (programmable)
Communication parameters
Ethernet interface10Base-T
Interface options
ProgrammingUSB, IP (EniTerm)
Serial portRS-232 @ 5V (VUP compatible)
USBUSB 2.0 (FT230X interface)
Extra parameters
Event bufferup to 64 events
Miscellaneous data
Size (W/L/H)48 x 42 x 15 mm
Weight40 g
Casingnone (PCB)

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VBIP manualA4 installer manual (English)2019-03-192016-05-30

vbip_LC15a.botVBIP latest firmware2021-12-16LC15a

vbip_lb17a_nc.botVBIP firmware LB17a_nc2021-11-23LB17a_nc

FTDI USB driverWindows driver for FT232 and FT230X2021-12-022.12.364

FTDI COMx IgnoreUtility to stop COM ports incremental numbering2018-12-20-

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