Enigma IP2

Enigma IP2
Digital receiver

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Product identification: VB-IP2

The IP2 TCP/IP Receiver Card is a full featured IP receiver extension for the ENIGMA II receiver. Also available as a compact Black Box receiver, offering an optimal solution for small or medium sized companies just starting IP monitoring services.

Product highlights

  • Functional, stable and robust hardware receiver
  • Compact device housing (as standalone receiver)
  • Powered from USB in case of power failure
  • USB and serial (RS-232) interface for PC connection
  • Receiving SIA DC-09, Enigma (E2) IP protocol messages
  • Encrypted communication (AES-128/192/256)
  • IP communication monitoring for up to 2.500 accounts
  • Individual monitoring settings for each account
  • Account identification also by IP Address/MAC/IMEI
  • Continuous monitoring of LAN and WAN connection
  • Client IP address display in monitoring software
  • Local programming via USB, remote programming through IP network
  • Event list monitoring from web browser
  • Firmware update function
  • Card version can be built into Enigma II base unit
  • Excellent product support, development possiblities
  • Made in EU, proven quality

Accessories included

  • 12V 500mA DC power supply
  • USB-mini cable
  • RS-232 (null-modem) cable (female/female)


The Enigma IP2 monitoring receiver is ideal and cost-effective solution to build-up a monitoring station, where transmission is sent only through IP / GPRS channel. Device has compact size and excellent parameter setting possibilities. The incoming IP communication might be monitored according to client accounts. It provides prominent protection level for the reliable and secure operation. The card version device can be be built into the Enigma II base unit. With combination of AlarmSyS PC-based monitoring software it guarantees not only reliable signal transmission, but also easy to use operator interface.
Technical data
Supply voltage12V 500mA DC
Maximal currentAbout 250 mA
Operating temperature+10 - +30 °C, 40% RH
Communication parameters
Ethernet interface100Base-TX
Interface options
ProgrammingUSB, IP (EniTerm)
Serial portRS-232
Extra parameters
Event bufferUp to 12000 events
Miscellaneous data
Size (W/L/H)110 x 190 x 35 mm
Weight300 g

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NoteNameDescriptionDateVersionDownload PDF

IP2 manualInstaller manual (English)2019-02-232014-10-10

IP2 manualHTTP display of protocols and formats (English)2019-01-06-

IPX160_MA18c.ipxIP2 latest firmware2022-11-07MA18c

DAT160_J111c.binData file for the HTTP display of the receiver.2019-03-19j111c

IPX160_I000r.ipxThis firmware resets all parameters into default, then deletes itself. After a normal firmware upload the device start with factory defaults.2019-01-06i000r

FTDI USB driverWindows driver for FT232 and FT230X2021-12-022.12.364

FTDI COMx IgnoreUtility to stop COM ports incremental numbering2018-12-20-

Enigma II ASIAutomation Software Interface Definition for Enigma II2008-10-162.10

E2 Serial Protocol (EN)Description of Enigma II serial (PC/AlarmSys) protocol and report formats2019-07-10-

E2 soros protokoll (HU)Description of Enigma II serial (PC/AlarmSys) protocol and report formats2019-07-10-

IP2 Receiver ProtocolsIP2 HTTP display of formats and protocols2019-02-211.00

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