Enigma II

Enigma II
Digital IP/PSTN/radio receiver

Package dimensions:
Package weight:

Product identification: VB-ENIGMA2

The Enigma II digital receiver is the universal solution for all burglary and fire monitoring stations.

Product highlights

  • Functional, stable and robust hardware receiver
  • Massive 19” rack housing
  • Built in IP card in base configuration (expandable)
  • 2 serial ports / USB connectors for PC connection
  • IP test code monitoring up to 255 accounts (expandable)
  • Encrypted communication (AES-128)


The Enigma II monitoring receiver provides complex and reliable solution to build up a modern monitoring station. The device can receive signals from alarm control panels through IP network, telephone line and radio channel. Due to the universal operation, the device can receive all standard (and most of the non-standard) signals from alarm control panels and communicators. In combination with AlarmSyS PC-based monitoring software it guarantees not only reliable signal transmission, but also easy to use operator interface.
Technical data
Supply voltage18V 2A DC / 16.5V 30VA AC / 12V 7Ah (battery)
Maximal currentAbout 500 mA (depends on configuration)
Operating temperature+10 - +30 °C, 40% RH
Battery12V 7Ah
Communication parameters
Ethernet interface100Base-TX
Interface options
ProgrammingUSB, IP (EniTerm), RS-232
Serial portRS-232
Extra parameters
Event bufferUp to 2000 events
Miscellaneous data
Size (W/L/H)485 x 220 x 135 mm
Weight5.2 kg

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NoteNameDescriptionDateVersionDownload PDF

Enigma II manualOperator manual (English)2019-02-252008-05-26

Enigma II manualInstaller manual (English)2019-02-232014-02-11

Enigma II manualProgramming manual (English)2019-02-232014-10-10

cpm_m116a.botLatest firmware for Enigma II CPM2022-03-24M116a

lc_h705a.botEnigma II Line Card latest firmware2019-05-21h705a

cpm_EH509.binEnigma II CPM data file (for LCD display), English2019-05-21h509

cpm_HH509.binEnigma II CPM data file (for LCD display), Hungarian2019-05-21h509

lc_gb25a.botEnigma II Line Card firmware2019-01-06gb25a

rc_f923a.botEnigma II Radio Card firmware2019-01-06f923a

cpm_WDG128.datData file required for Enigma II HTTP display2019-01-06g128

FTDI USB driverWindows driver for FT232 and FT230X2021-12-022.12.364

FTDI COMx IgnoreUtility to stop COM ports incremental numbering2018-12-20-

Enigma II ASIAutomation Software Interface Definition for Enigma II2008-10-162.10

E2 Serial Protocol (EN)Description of Enigma II serial (PC/AlarmSys) protocol and report formats2019-07-10-

E2 soros protokoll (HU)Description of Enigma II serial (PC/AlarmSys) protocol and report formats2019-07-10-

IP2 Receiver ProtocolsIP2 HTTP display of formats and protocols2019-02-211.00

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