Solo IBS

Solo IBS
Intelligent Siren with battery

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Product identification: VB-SOLO-IBS

The Solo battery-backup outdoor sirens have been introduced 15 years ago, and have proven their reliability and excellent price/value ratio since then. Thanks to their fully weather-proof resin coated electronic board, they can be used in even in harsh environment.

Product highlights

  • Outdoor usage, double housing (external ABS, inside metal)
  • Resin spilled weatherproof electronics
  • Tamper protection (against wire tamper, opening, removing)
  • Alarm control panel- or self operated tamper protection
  • Positive or negative siren start
  • Service input to disable siren from alarm control panel
  • Lamp flash control input (to signal system status)
  • Siren trouble output
  • Limited current consumption from external supply (750 mA)
  • Visual and acoustic test at power-up
  • Easy installation with drill plate
  • CE approved, ISO 9001:2009 certificate
  • Made in EU, proven quality


Solo siren is perfect solution for local alarm signal of a modern alarm control system. Due to its own backup battery it can work in case of wire tamper. Sound power of the siren is tremendous, changing weather has no effect on proper operation. Double housing of the siren (outside ABS, inside metal housing) provides high protection against tampering.
Technical data
Supply voltage13.8V +/-0.3V DC
Standby current60 mA
Maximal current2.4 A
Operating temperature-30 - +50 °C
Base frequency1350 Hz
Sound pressure at 1 m128 dB
Battery12V 7Ah
Communication parameters
Frequency band800 - 1900 Hz
Miscellaneous data
Size (W/L/H)180 x 270 x 90 mm
Weight2 kg (akkumulátor nélkül)

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