Digital receivers

Digital receivers

For about ten years the Enigma II has been the most versatile complex digital receiver produced by Villbau. Like its predecessor (Enigma-XM88422) the Enigma II is also a modular equipment built into a 19″ rack housing. Thanks to the card system it is really easy to replace the modules as well as to expand the receiver or change its configuration. All you need is a screw driver.

The Enigma II base unit itself consists of a CPM2 (Central Processing Module) and a PWR2 (Power Card) mounted in a 19″ rack housing. With a big LCD screen this minimal setup of Enigma II is already capable of receiving and processing messages from IP and GPRS communicators as well as reporting to some monitoring software runing on PC.

Enigma II data sheet, specifications and downloads

The modules can also be purchased separately in order to expand the monitoring station or for spare. Their main features are in the table below:

PhotoTypeMain features
  • input: 16.5V AC or 18..28V DC
  • battery charger output for 12V/7.2Ah
  • high efficiency switching power supply
  • suitable for IP receiving (Ethernet: 100Base-TX), AES-128 titkosítás
  • up to 250 accounts, stores 2000 events
  • PC connection: 2xRS-232, 2x USB
  • PSTN line receiver module with protection against overvoltage
  • stores up to 2000 events
  • up to 2500 accounts, stores 4000 events
  • Ethernet 100Base-TX, AES/DES encryption
  • programming through USB
E2-RC2Only for existing radio systems!
  • handles up to 2 UHF radio units
The Enigma IP2 is a double-role IP-only receiver. As a card it is part of the Enigma II receiver to extend its IP functions. As a standalone device it is a full-featured IP receiver with its own processing of events, monitoring accounts and reporting to PC (through USB or serial port). See main features of the card version in the upper table.

Enigma IP2 data sheet, specifications and downloads

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