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Product identification: VB-ALRSYS

The Alarm SyS automation software package makes the work of the monitoring stations easier. With it, the events coming in from objects can be interpreted fast and easy through written and graphical information and sound effects, and the operator can react on them within shortest time.

Product highlights

  • Up to 4 monitoring receivers (through serial port)
  • Minimal computer capacity is required
  • Receiving 4/2, Contact ID and SIA format messages
  • Software can be translated to local language
  • Flexibly configurable confirmation and event display
  • Adoptable individual and base code tables
  • Multi level operator management
  • Custom code table definitions for each account
  • Event code monitoring and confirmation settings by accounts
  • Zone and user list definition by accounts
  • Map display and activitiy list for each account
  • Easy to use and precise listing and exporting functions
  • Stable database management
  • Easy database copy in case of PC problem
  • Software update without database modification
  • CE approval, ISO 9001:2009 certificate
  • Excellent product support, personalized expansions
  • Available for Microsoft Windows 32-bit O/S (x86)
  • Developed in EU, proven quality


The Alarm SyS software package is ideal companion for Enigma II / IP2 monitoring receivers. By means of the software the reliabity of a hardware receiver is combined with a flexible and user-friendly sofware interface. The software package consists of three individual programs: Alarm SyS itself is the monitoring part of the package, Alarm Setup is responsible for all kind of settings, and Alarm List can be used for listing and filtering functions. AlarmSyS software package is available in 4 versions: DEMO: free of charge demo version, it can work without digital receiver (up to 10 accounts) LITE: this version can be used only with digital receiver (up to 100 accounts) BASE: this version can be used only with digital receiver (up to 500 accounts) FULL: this version can be used only with digital receiver (unlimited accounts)
Technical data
Operating systemWindows XP/7/8/10 x86 (32-bit)
Minimal PC configurationIntel E3400 Celeron 2.5GHz/1MB cache, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 10/100 Ethernet, USB/RS-232 ports

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AlarmSys manualAlarmSys user guide (English)2019-01-061.40
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AlarmSYS DemoAlarmSYS monitoring software v1.40 (EN) DEMO2020-09-251.40

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